Fun Facts: Feline Edition

Cats are truly one of the trendiest animals on the internet right now, but did you know all these cool fun facts about them?!

Fun Facts: 101

Join Charleston Animal Society’s education team to learn some fun facts about some fascinating animals and more!

Fun Facts: 102

Learn about some amazing animals including cows, turtles and some silly goats!

Fun Facts 103

SHARK!!! Don’t be scared, these amazing creatures only make a brief appearance in this awesome video, and we promise you won’t get bitten!

Training Tip: Engage, Disengage

Engage, Disengage is an easy game and training technique to help dogs and owners struggling with reactivity issues.

Koko Cat, Inside and Out

Join us for a reading of KokoCat, Inside and Out, written by Lynda Graham-Barber and illustrated by Nancy Lane, featuring special guest Leon the sleepy cat!

Boredom Busters

Touch and Find It Pet Training